Ronson 300, visible fastening gres porcelain tiles suspended ventilated facade system

   "Ronson 300" - a system of ventilated facades designed for visible fastening of gres porcelain stoneware plates. 

  A fastening system is possible both over the entire surface of the wall, and exclusively into interfloor overlappings.

  1. Porous concrete

  2. Ceiling

  3. Horizontal reinforced guide

  4. Support bracket

  5. Insulation

  6. Vertical reinforced guide

  7. Composite bracket

  8. Gres porcelain tile

 “Ronson's” designers have developed a seismic-resistant bracket for seismic zones.

  The “Ronson 300”  ventilated facade system has successfully passed fire and seismic tests and can be used in areas where seismic activity reaches 9 points.

      The resistance of this system has also been tested and can be used in buildings of unlimited height.

Original patented earthquake resistant bracket.